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Montag              18:00-19:30

Dienstag            19:30-21:00

Donnerstag        18:30-20:00


Der 8-stufige Yogaweg***

Montag              20:00-22:00


Donnerstag        20:00-21:30


Meditation*       19:00-20:00


English Yoga class

Tuesday          17:30-19:00


 *)Vorherige Anmeldung

**) Nur für Teilnehmer mit Kriya-Yoga-Einführung

***) Beginnt jeweils zum Quartal



♦ Schnuppern           10 €

♦ Kurskosten* Yoga  

    10er-Karte 120€ 

    Gültig 4 Monate        

♦Meditation               10 €

♦ Privatunterricht     108 € Dauer 90 min.

♦ Yogaday                 108 €

♦ Gutscheine





Ich unterstütze Tapassya, eine none-profit Organisation in Kolkatta. Wer sich beteiligen möchte kann mich gerne ansprechen.

 Nabadiganta Tapassya Foundation



Sie können grundsätzlich, wenn es mein Zeitplan erlaubt, Einzelunterricht nehmen oder mit einer eigenen Gruppe z.B. Firma, Freundeskreis etc. einen oder mehrere Termine zu buchen.

Vimala Gujja was born in the south of India. From her early beginning she was very fond about Yoga and the meaning behind. Over 17 years she got educated in various limbs and aspects of the deep going spectrum of the yoga path of self realization and the beneficial aspects for body, mind and spirit she also has deepen her knowledge by traveling all over India to sacred places consuming the deep going spirituality of her heritage.

After her stay in the USA she came here with her husband and child to settle down and share her knowledge with interested students.



Do you want to expand your knowledge of English in a new and exciting way? Or, are you an English speaker hoping to practice yoga in Germany?  Sign up for this course!  A experienced Hatha Yoga Teacher from South India is here to instruct you. Your teacher will encourage you to explore your body and mind by guiding you through posture practice, breathing techniques, and meditation. Previous yoga experience is not required, but an attitude of curiosity is helpful. Students of English and fluent speakers are all welcome!

Please contact first under +4915255495154


Time table

Tuesday 09.07.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 16.07.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 23.07.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 30.07.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 06.08.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 13.08.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 20.08.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 27.08.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 03.09.2019 17:30 19:00
Tuesday 10.09.2019 17:30 19:00


120€ for ten times


What you need

pleas use comfortable clothing

Bring a cloth or towel with you so cover the Yoga mat



Importance and benefits of the Hatha Yoga, meditation and Yoga nidra.


Warm up exercise


Standing Asana
1. Thada asana
2. Utkata asana
3. Ardha Chakra asana
4. Trikona asana
5. Padahasta asana
6. Vriksha asana
7. Veerabhadra asana
8. Nataraja asana


Sitting Asana
1. danda asana
2. Ardha titali asana
3. Purna Titali Asana
4. Shashanka asana
5. Vajra asana
6. Siddha asana
7. Vakra asana
8. Ardha Paschimotta asana
9. Paschimotta asana


Supine Asanas-Back asanas
1. Ardha Uttanapada asana
2. Uttanpada asana
3. nauka asana
4. Setu banda asana
5. Ardha Pavanamukta asana
6. Pavanamukta asana


Prone Asanas-asanas on the stomach
1. Marjari asana
2. Bhujanga asana
3. Ardha Shalabha asana
4. Shalabha asana
5. Makara asana
6. Ardha dhanura asana
7. Dhanura asana
8. Shava asana


Surya namaskaras
1. Pranama asana
2. Hasta uttana asana
3. Padha hasta asana
4. Aswa sanchalana asana
5. Parvata asana
6. Ashtanga namaskara asana
7. Bhujanga asana
8. Parvata asana
9. Aswasanchalana asana
10. Padhahasta asana
11. Hasta uttanaa sana
12. Pranama asana


1. Nadishodana anulom-vilom pranayama
2. Kapalapathi pranayama
3. Bramhari pranayama


Yoga nidra for relaxation


Chanting (- OM -) in beginning and end of the session. This is to receive the positive vibrations.